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AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidifier

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  • DRY AIR RELIEF! LOOK NO FURTHER FOR THE MOST EFFECTIVE COOL MIST HUMIDEFIER ON THE MARKET! Want to eliminate the suffering from the terrible effects of dry air? No need to struggle with cheap flimsy and leaky desk humidifiers. This quality ultrasonic humidifier is the one you’re looking for. It pumps relief immediately and effectively! – Feel better in minutes!
  • OPERATES IN TOTAL SILENCE – SLEEP LIKE A BABY! No humming, whistling, or crackling as this durable Whole-House Humidifier steadily and efficiently dispenses the soothing cool mist you crave. SLEEP better, BREATHE better, LIVE better! You’ll wish you found this years ago!
  • MULTIPLE MIST SETTINGS + 360 DEGREE ROTATING NOZZLE – This Humidifier was created with YOU in mind. Your environment, your needs, and your preferences! Designed with a super simple control dial and 360° rotating nozzle so that you can fully control and customize the mist output and mist flow direction. AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF- No need to babysit this Humidifier. We know you’ll want to shut this off before the tank runs out... Rest assured you can SET IT AND FORGET IT!
  • 2.2L EXTRA LARGE WATER TANK – FILTER FREE- FEATURES A LIFTIME WARRENTY! Made with an impressive 2.2L super large water tank that keeps your Room-Humidifier right on chugging for over 24 hours on a single fill! Designed filter free and built to last a lifetime! Imagine the blissful life you’ll have with this!
  • HASSLE-FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT - NO NEED TO RETURN! We take tremendous pride in our expert workmanship and stellar customer service record on Amazon, and we promise to treat you like family - even for gifts! In addition to our lifetime replacement, if you aren't happy with your purchase, we will simply refund your money - no questions asked - just let the reviews speak for themselves!

Customer Reviews

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Prasad Mahajan

I bought AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidifier (2.2L) twice as I like the product at the first time. However, the second one I bought, did burst in the night with some noise, throwing away the cap and splashing water. Thank god my son is safe. This was bought from Amazon and did not complet even one year. Hope the warranty will cover this.

Superb Product - perfect solution

We live in a very dry climate - especially in winter. I suffer from sinusitis and the dry winter air wrecks havoc on me. I was looking for an effective, affordable and easy-to-use product to run at night in our bedroom. The Aqua Oasis is perfect. Quiet, effective, easy to maintain/clean. I couldn't be happier. Strongly recommended!

So simple to use!

I appreciate how easy and affordable this machine is. We live in a house with wood heat and this humidifier helped out a lot this winter. I definitely recommend!

David Frankel
Great Product and fantastic Customer Service/Warranty

Bought one of these in Dec 2023 for my Guitar Studio. I can't say enough good things about how this product worked. Iteeps my rooms humidity stable at 46. Worked flawlessly for 62days and then it failed to power on one day last week. I bought another one from amazon that day (yes, the product is that good) and I received it the same day. I reached out to Customer service via the email on the website over the weekend and waa laa! The owner reached out to me today, Monday morning and without any issue issued me a refund. She is a very friendly person! In our current world of chaos and no customer satisfaction/no customer service, I was pleasantly surprised by this result. This product is awesome and the experience buying it was so easy but the return for warranty replacement was a perfect "10" !!!

I Absolutely love this!!!

Hello there, I want to thank Aqua Oasis for this wonderful product. I requested a humidifier on my Amazon baby registry and received my wonderful Aqua Oasis cool mist humidifier. I’m very pleased with how well it works and how well my newborn breaths. It gives me a sense of relief. I recommend this device to anyone young and mature lol.